Amazing God

John 5:19-20
Then Jesus replied, "I assure you: The Son is not able to do anything on His own, but only what He sees the Father doing. For whatever the Father does, the Son also does these things in the same way. For the Father loves the Son and shows Him everything He is doing, and He will show Him greater works than these so that you will be amazed."

Jesus only did what the Father was doing. He only healed the sick, fed the multitudes and raised the dead because that is what the Father was doing. In fact He said He was not able to do anything on His own. His life was so submitted to Father that He wouldn't or couldn't do anything on His own. That is how our lives should be.

The Father is still working by the Holy Spirit and wants to do things in us and through us, but will only do it if we will be submitted fully to Him. It's not about what we can do, but what we can't do. When we recognize we can't, we make room for Him to do the work. What work does He want to do? The same works that Jesus did. Look again at what Jesus said, why did the Father want to do the works and even greater works? Jesus said it was, "so that you will be amazed."

The Father wants to knock your socks off. He wants to bring blessings to your life. He desires to bring healing and miracles to your life, but not just to you. He wants to make you an instrument of blessing just like Jesus was. He wants miracles flowing through you so that people will be amazed and give God the glory. But first you have to get submitted to Him and recognize it's not about you, it's about Him.

Lord, work through me today! I humbly submit myself to you and ask you to work through me for the glory of God!