It was supposed to be a comeback fight but instead it ended what had been a rollercoaster career. It’s been over 20 years but the Tyson-Holyfield fight is still fresh in my mind. I’ll never forget when Tyson got a hold of Holyfield and bit his ear. There was Evander Holyfield, covered in blood with part of his ear missing, but the fight continued, until Mike bit his other ear. Tyson was disqualified and the fight was over. 

Someone asked Holyfield about the fight, years later. He said, “I made 35 million dollars in nine minutes. If Mike Tyson was to do the same thing again to my other ear, I’ll take 35 million more.” For Holyfield it was a good fight. A champion isn’t afraid of a fight.

The Word of God calls us champions. In fact it goes a step further and says we are even more than that.

“No. In all these things we are more than victorious through Him who loved us.” (Romans 8:37 HCSB)

There is a term in boxing for a champion. They call them, UNDISPUTED. In other words, no one can question the fact that they are the champion. They are victorious. That’s you. You are more than victorious. You are the undisputed champion. No matter what you’re facing today, the Word of God calls you victorious!

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David Snyder
Mission: Puerto Rico ~ Update

We saw God moving in powerful ways. Every person we worked with or came in contact with was touched by the presence of God. The construction projects were a blessing to the people. We saw hundreds of students come to know Jesus in the public schools we spoke at. And countless people were ministered to and healed in the services. Literally the deaf could hear, the blind could see and the lame walked. God is doing powerful things in Puerto Rico, but what He did there He will do here. What He did for them He will do for you. 

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