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Thanks for taking the time to look around and learn more about NC: Master's Commission and find out if this is where God is leading you. 

Our goal is to help you get where God wants you. 
Here at NC:MC we are all about discipleship & ministry training.

If you want to come and be immersed in an environment where you are encouraged to seek the face of God and are daily being fed the Word, then this is the place for you. Also if you have a desire to be trained in ministry and earn ministerial credentials, we can help you reach your goal. We also have options for those seeking a B.A.

So please look around and feel free to contact us with any questions.

If you are ready to apply you can find our online application by clicking below.


During the course of a year we are involved with a lot of different ministries. Some of them are:

  • Youth Ministry
  • Children's Ministries
  • Young Adult Ministry
  • Missions
  • Evangelism (Street ministry, outreaches, treasure hunts, etc.)
  • Prison Ministry
  • School Programs
  • Drama

daily schedule

Our schedule varies from day to day but here is a general look at a normal day...

  • 9 AM - Prayer, worship (Encounter), Scripture study, accountability time

  • 10 AM - MC Classes taught by a pastor or staff member

  • 12 PM - Lunch in dining hall

  • 1 PM - Ministry Training (drama, worship, youth, kids, outreach, etc)

  • 4 PM - Workouts, followed by Dinner in Dining Hall

  • Evenings - Most nights during the week we are involved with a variety of ministries or outreach. In additon we also have group devotions and prayer each evening. For more on ministries we're involved in visit our ministry training page.


Housing & Meals

Master's Commission students live in furnished dorm style houses with other students and leaders. Each home includes a full kitchen and living room. 

Meals are provided. Breakfast items are delivered to houses weekly. Lunches and dinners are prepared and served on campus during the week.

It is required that students bring additional money for weekend meals, snacks, toiletries, spending money, etc. Meals on trips will be provided by Master's Commission or host churches.


It is our goal to offer a low cost program in order to make it affordable to as many students as possible. We are one of, if not the lowest cost program in the country, that offers dorm style housing. Our local church subsidizes our program because they have a vision of raising up leaders who will be world-changers.

HOW MUCH IS TUITION AND FEES for Master's Commission? (2018-2019 pricing)
1st year students
The total cost per year is $5,250.
2nd year students:
The total cost is $4,850.
3rd year students
The total cost is $4,650.

Please see below for what's included

What do Tuition Fees Include?

Masters' Commission Classes and Books

Along with the hands on learning that takes place at NCMC we also incorporate practical classes that will help you grow in your walk with the Lord and also provide practical training. The classes, that are taught by pastors, are great classes for anyone to learn but especially if you feel called into ministry. If a student stays with the NCMC program for 3 years they will have all of the educational requirements met to receive ministerial credentials with the Assemblies of God.* If a student wants to come for one or two years they will still receive excellent training and will leave with a solid relationship with the Lord.
Our classes are not credited and will not transfer to a college or university. We also cannot offer financial aid.

*Please note that ministerial credentials are subject to approval by the district and General Council offices.


North Carolina Master's Commission has been birthed out of much prayer, planning and patience. First Assembly of God has facilities that are perfect for hosting a year round team. Male students live at a house located on the church property. For the women's housing we own two, fully equipped, adjoining apartments near our facility.


NCMC students have access to a well-equipped kitchen. Meals for breakfast, lunch and dinners are provided. Students are responsible for preparing meals on a rotation basis.

Laundry Facilities

A clothes washer and dryer are available in each home for student use.


We ask that each NCMC student bring their own car. While this is not necessary it does help as there will be times when students will need their own transportation. Gas money will be provided if you are asked to drive on a ministry trip. This will usually only be a short distance. For longer trips we have ministry vehicles available for our use.


What do Tuition Fees Not Include?

Non-NCMC Related TravelSpending moneyMedical/Dental Coverage
*Missions Trip: Students are responsible for the cost of the overseas missions trip if they choose to attend. Typically the cost to the student is about $500. (We subsidize the rest with fundraisers.)

What kind of payment plan do you offer?
Payment Plan

We prefer students to pay their tuition all at once but realize this is not always possible.  In order to make the payments easier we have broken down the payment into several installments:

$650 - Due upon acceptance

$800 - Due September 1st

$710 - Due October 1st

$710 - Due November 1st

$710 - Due December 1st

$710 - Due January 1st

Remaining balance - Due February 1st


While at NC Master's Commission students are involved in daily classes taught by pastors, staff and others from our community. Our courses offered are approved by the Assemblies of God and will give the students the educational credit required to obtain a minister's license with the Assemblies of God (upon application and approval by the A/G General Council.) 


While students are enrolled in NC:MC they may choose to be involved in classes for college-credit, in addition to our MC classes.

Master’s Commission International Network has signed an articulation agreement with West Coast Bible College & Seminary to partner together in the training of ministers worldwide. Can you imagine that while attending any Master’s Commission in the world, you will be able to complete a bachelor degree?  Well now its possible. There is an additional cost involved, please see West Coast Bible College website for more details.  

For more on West Coast Bible College click here.

Also if a student chooses they may enroll in a different online school. We have time set aside weekly for students to complete these classes along with the classes we offer.


Along with ministry training, NC:MC is also about discipleship. Our hearts desire is to raise up students to be life-long followers of Jesus Christ who will passionately pursue Him. While Jesus was on Earth His disciples followed Him wherever He went. They learned as Jesus taught, they watched as Jesus ministered to the people and He gave them the example of His prayer life.

Our discipleship program is based on these principles of how Jesus trained His disciples. Our program consists of 36 weeks, broken up by quarters into 3 - 12 week sessions or trimesters. Each session we spend time focusing on a different aspect of discipleship, not that we don't work on some of these areas during different times, for instance we will be spending time in prayer when it is not specifically the upward block. We will be spending time in ministry when it is not specifically the block for that. But we will have an emphasis on different areas during certain times.  Here is a look at how we break down the 40 weeks:

  • The 1st trimester is spent focusing INWARD (developing you). Just as Jesus spent time teaching His disciples we spend time pouring into you and teaching you in personal development areas.

  • The 2nd trimester is a focus UPWARD (you and God). Extra emphasis is given on prayer and fasting and spending time in the presence of God.

  • The 3rd trimester is an OUTWARD (ministry) emphasis. This involves training in different areas of ministry from youth and children to missions and evangelism.