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Leadership - Discipleship - Ministry Training - Life Skills - B.A. & A.A. options

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It is said that some of the most pivotal years of an individual’s life are the first few years after they graduate high school. That is why we have taken the time to create a program that is specifically designed to help young people navigate their early-adult years.

At NC Master’s we want to help you get where God wants you to go. We are all about discipleship & ministry training.

NC Master’s is a college of higher learning and we have options for degrees and for ministry credentials. However, we take our time to focus much more on the character development of each individual student. We do this because we believe that a solid foundation in your character will set you up for success much more than an academic degree ever could.

We believe that you are more than a degree and more than a vocation. That is why we want to offer you something that is more than a college


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While at NC Master's students are enrolled in classes taught by pastors, staff and others from our community. Our courses are approved by the Assemblies of God and will give the students the educational credit required to obtain a minister's license with the Assemblies of God (upon application and approval by the A/G General Council.) 

SAGU @ NC Master’s

Along with our classes students have the option to enroll in classes for college-credit with SAGU (Southwest Assemblies of God University). Students have time set aside weekly to complete these courses along with the courses we offer.

Students enrolled in classes at SAGU are eligible for Federal Loans and Grants. Some of the degrees available are:

  • Business | B.A.

  • Addictions Counseling | A.S.

  • Business Administration | A.S.

  • Church Leadership - Children and Family Ministries | B.A.

  • Church Leadership - Pastoral Leadership | B.A.

  • Church Leadership - Worship Ministry | B.A.

  • Church Leadership - Youth and Student Ministries | B.A.

  • Church Leadership | B.A.

  • Church Ministries | A.A.

  • General Studies | A.S.

  • Human Services - Counseling | B.S.

  • Human Services - Criminal Justice | B.S.

  • Human Services - Psychology | B.S.

  • Human Services - Social Work | B.S.

Daily Schedule

(Every day is slightly different but follows this general structure)

  • 9 AM - Prayer, worship (Encounter), accountability time

  • 10 AM - MC Classes taught by a pastor or staff member

  • 12 PM - Lunch in dining hall

  • 1 PM - Ministry Training (drama, worship, youth, kids, outreach, etc)

  • Evenings - Most nights during the week we are involved with a variety of ministries, outreach and devotions. To see more about ministries we’re involved keep scrolling.

Housing & Meals

Master's students live in furnished dorm style houses with other students. Each home includes a full kitchen and living room.

Meals are included. Breakfast items are delivered to houses weekly. Lunches and dinners are prepared and served on campus during the week.

It is required that students bring additional money for snacks, toiletries, spending money, etc. Meals on trips will be provided by Master's or host churches.


Along with ministry training, NC Master’s is also about discipleship. Our hearts desire is to raise up students to be life-long followers of Jesus Christ who will passionately pursue Him. While Jesus was on Earth His disciples followed Him wherever He went. They learned as Jesus taught, they watched as Jesus ministered to the people and He gave them the example of His prayer life.


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Seem a little low to you? We keep the cost low because we believe in what God is doing in the lives of students through NC:MC and we want more students to be able to afford the program. Our local church subsidizes the cost of tuition to help train students.

Pay Tuition to NC:MC

Pay Tuition

Pricing for SAGU: $275 per credit hour


Ready - SET - GO!


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During the course of a year we are involved with a lot of different ministries. Some of them are:

Youth Ministry - Children's Ministries - Young Adult Ministry -Missions - Evangelism (Street ministry, outreaches, etc.) - Prison Ministry - School Programs - Drama




Here are some of the places we’ve recently done work in:

Dominican Republic - Puerto Rico - Costa Rica - England - Jamaica - Colombia - Venezuela - Bahamas

Mississippi - Maryland - New York - New Jersey - Massachusetts - Florida - Ohio - Pennsylvania - Indiana - Illinois - Alabama - Tennessee - Virginia - North Carolina - West Virginia